1. NOT ENOUGH MENTAL STIMULATION

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Mental stimulation, which is often forgotten, is an essential thing for a well-balanced pet. Although mental exercises can be as tiring as physical, they are very important for the training of your pet. Utilizing your pet’s daily rations for the enrichment of food or for training purpose can go a long way towards tiring your pet mentally. Something as simple as spreading your pet’s meal or hiding it and then making the pet seek it can be an enriching activity.


Every pet needs a considerable amount of physical exercise to develop good health and behavior habits. Physical exercise makes a pet fresh, keeps it happy and also provides some good stretch to its muscles. Exercises are specific to pets, a dog might for example like a run around the yard whereas a cat might just want to play hide and seek with you.


Often times, health problems cause a lot of behavioral issues. Just think about it, if you are not feeling well, you are most probably going to cranky. Your pet displays the same behavioral pattern, except it does not have any words to describe its feelings to you. Health issues such as sore teeth, arthritis, ear infection of allergies may affect a pet’s behavior. If aggression of some other unusual behavior issues shows up, be sure to consult your vet.


If you sometimes let your pet jump on you because you are already wearing dirty clothes, but punish it other times, is that actually fair? Your pet doesn’t know the difference in clothing. The lack of pattern or an inconsistent environment is very confusing for them and can sometimes cause anxiety. If you do not want your pet to do something, be very clear and consistent about it, or provide positive reinforcement. If your pet displays a certain behavior problem, you need to look to yourself. How do you respond to its actions? Having a consistent set of helps your pet understand that his environment is predictable.


Changes in routine can be stressful for a pet, and may cause it to act out. Just like humans, pets need a sense of security. Sudden changes in a routine or environment can really throw them off and cause anxiety that will often times be expressed as health or problem behavior. If you suddenly start to come home late, give less attention to your pet or move to a new house, this is likely to confuse your pet and therefore health and behavior problems occur.


Switching your pet to a poor quality diet may also cause it to act up or often times cause health problems in him. Moreover, if your continue to feed your pet the same food for 5 days straight, the poor pet might get pissed off and stop having food altogether.

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