Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense? (EXPERT)

What is a sixth sense and do animals have it? A sixth sense is a keen intuitive power. It is much like you knowing the phone is going to ring before it rings.

Spooky? Or Special?

From time to time, our pets behave in ways that seem downright spooky; they seem to see things that aren’t there, hear noises that we can’t, or perceive things about certain people or situations that we’re oblivious to. Cats and dogs have predicted natural disasters, saved people from fires and building collapses, and pinpointed illnesses far earlier than any medical equipment can. Many pet lovers believe there’s more to our furry friends than meets the eye, but do animals really have a sixth sense?

Our dog Rosie can sense the FedEx man, Dave, from far down the street.

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There is a deep bond and connection with our pets. Do they have a sixth sense? Read the blog and find out. You will be glad that you did.Follow us

Either her hearing is acute, her sense of taste is anticipating the treat, or she just senses something good is on the way.

Animals Are Most Perceptive

Evidence certainly confirms one truth, anyways – animals are far more perceptive than we are. A dog or cat’s senses of smell, hearing, and touch are tremendously well developed, allowing them to pick up on things that we can’t even sense. Our pets can hear well into the ultrasonic range, for example, and dogs have such an amazing sense of smell that they can pinpoint minute pheromone changes that happen when our body goes through changes, or when we’re stressed, afraid or even sick!

Reading Non-Verbal Language

Because many animals also rely heavily on body language for communication, they’re also highly attuned to tiny changes in our facial expressions, tone, and movement, even when we’re completely oblivious to the same events. It’s not unreasonable, then, for our furry friends to pick up on the small subconscious signals that might be made by someone who has an intent that’s not entirely honest, or even to discern our own feelings of stress or anxiety through the small changes in body language and tone that we may make ourselves. You could say that many pets are far more perceptive when judging character than we ever could be!

Can Your Dog Perdict the Weather?

As for predicting weather events and foretelling disasters, an animal’s super senses often play a part in that arena as well. Major storms often produce increased electrical activity and changes in air pressure, which our oh-so-sensitive pals can feel and hear far ahead of the time that weather disturbance actually reaches them. And earthquakes are often preceded by minute changes in seismic activity that signal ‘danger!’ for our furry friends, putting all their survival instincts into play and (especially with some dogs) driving them to warn us, their family members, of impending trouble as well.

Trust Your Instincts and Your Animal’s Intuition

A pet’s personality might have a lot to do with how they behave in unusual or unfamiliar situations, of course – for example, some dog breeds are naturally more suspicious of strangers, and we all know that cats can be fickle characters to begin with. If your pet is acting differently, however, or takes a sudden dislike to a certain person when they’re normally happy and social with strangers, it’s probably worth it to follow their lead – after all, they might not have an actual ‘sixth sense’, but that doesn’t mean they’re not trying to tell us something!

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