FAQ’s About Grief Coaching

What is a Pet Grief Coach?

Judy Helm Wright is an intuitive wise woman who has a rich background in Hospice, is a Family Educator, a Personal Historian, an Author, and a Publisher.  She has also exprienced grief, loss, and death in the family, including many beloved pets.  She can walk with you on this path back to some sort of wholeness.  She is a safe spot to land, a great sounding board, and an accountability mentor.  She is the kind of woman you want in your corner and guarding your back.

Is a Pet Grief Coach a licensed counselor or therapist?

No.  Coaching, counseling, and therapy are all helping professionals.  Therapists typically deal with issues around emotional wellness and are challenged by the past.  A coach is trained to deal with individuals who, for the most part, have overcome emotional challenges, are fully functioning, and just need support with meeting a goal or getting unstuck.

How can I find a support group for Pet Loss?

Look in our resources section at www.deathofmypet.com and you will find a membership site for pet parents and partners.  This group is made up of like-minded, kind, and loving people who want to join together to support, sustain, and encourage other pet parents.  Each month, you will get invited to a life tele-seminar wtih an animal expert where members are allowed to ask questions.  Each week you will recieve a report of the latest information on Animal/Human Connection.  Best of all, you will have access to a private Facebook group of others who have lost beloved pets, and gather to share their good days and their bad days.

Death of My Pet (grief)