How To Care For A Pet After The Owner Has Passed Away

  A lot of people in their twilight years have pets to keep them company. Because at this age they can plan to have a pet and friend with them for ten or twenty years and be sure that their lifestyle will be in keeping with that choice. Unfortunately, if we die Charlie the Poodle … Read more

Breaking The Power of Guilt-(Guest Expert)

Breaking the Power of Guilt by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. If any emotion rules supreme when a pet dies, it is guilt. No matter what the circumstances of our loss, guilt is there, grabbing us by the throat. It haunts our days, ruins our sleep, and tarnishes our memories. Often, guilt goes beyond the loss … Read more

Losing Loved Ones: Coping with Your Pet’s Passing

Sharing our lives with pets brings so many benefits, but sadly, despite an ever-improving standard of veterinary care, every owner will eventually experience the loss of their much-loved friend. Coping with loss and grief can be a lonely and difficult struggle for many of us, and as a veterinary technician with cats and dogs of … Read more

Macavity the Cat

  For the Love of Macavity by Kelly Meister-Yetter   Macavity didn’t know he was supposed to be dying. Indeed, all the deaf white cat really knew was that he felt crummy, and that I would attend to his every need. Where his previous owner, my ex-boyfriend, had squandered his quality time with Macavity by … Read more

Animals & Humans Connect & Comunicate

How Animals Communicate With Humans According to Ain’t Misbehavin’ The Groundbreaking Program for Happy, Well-Behaved Pets and Their People by John C. Wright, PH.D –“Both dogs and cats speak to us with their voices, tails, eyes, mouths, ears and posture. When they “talk” to each other, they use scents we can’t smell, subtler postures, looks, … Read more