Young Adults Remember Past Pets

Growing up; we were always surrounded by feline pets, cats of all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. There was one particular “Kitty,” who I adored as much as she adored me. They say a “rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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Often the loss of a pet is a child’s first experience with death, grief and loss. Adults model how to deal with the loss of loved one. See for more information on Judy Helm Wright, a certified “Pet Grief Coach”.

Well this “Kitty,” was like no other, she would patiently wait for me to come home from school on the kitchen doorstep, never mind that it was raining, hailing, or snowing. She would kill the biggest, meanest rats in the neighborhood and leave them on that very same doorstep while she stood away with a proud smirk on her Siamese chocolate face, as if to say; “Look mama, l love you so much; I bought you the best gift I can think of!”

“Kitty” would even play fetch with me; I would throw a twig wrapped in brightly colored yarn and she would at once pounce on it to grab it with her worn front canines and rush back to the patio to drop it to my feet.

Needless to say, my pet cat was a loving, caring, and compassionate little thing, and when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and eventually put down; I was absolutely devastated. At ten years old; I experienced my first death of a loved one, and it was a heart-wrenching two weeks till I came to realization she wasn’t coming back. What I could do; is remember and cherish the moments in which she brought joy and happiness in my life.

When I reflect back on those moments that I had with “Kitty,” I realize that each moment was a precious gift, and whether we realize that then or later; the value of it doesn’t change. Each moment is precious more so, because they were gifted to me and me alone.

No one else can have the same exact moment, same exact memory, and same exact relationship as I did. Therefore, I feel even more grateful and blessed that I was able to have such a relationship with my pet, that every time I remember her, I remember her with a smile that fills the heart with love and peace.

Thank you,

Safiyyah Fatima Khan

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