Why Do Dogs Live Longer Now? (EXPERT)

Old age in dogs varies by species and by breeding. Animal lovers of today take better care of their pets from the moment they are born.

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Through increased knowledge, improved pet care products and advanced veterinarian technology, we are able to enjoy our pets longer than ever before.

Fifteen years is not an unusual life span for a poodle. Some smaller breeds may live even longer. But an eight or nine year old Great Dane or St. Bernard is already an old dog.

Dogs don’t just get old and die. Like human beings, they are open to many different health concerns and diseases. Some animals, like some human beings, die slowly. It is your responsibility as a caring individual to see that your dog makes the transition as comfortably as possible.

Caring Pet Parents

More dogs now live in their owners’ homes, and those who don’t usually have warm, cozy houses of their own to protect them from the elements of nature. Laws regulating pet control have forced pet parents to understand that we can no longer allow our dogs to run loose, but deserves safe, controlled exercise. Walking dogs on leash or confining them to kennel runs or in fenced yards protects the animals from injury and death.

In modern times dogs are desired for themselves rather than the services they can provide to humans. Many people, including our family, have recognized the therapeutic value of a pet. We are acquiring an animal as a beloved companion and a member of the family and want to treat them well.

Selecting and purchasing a dog or other pet, is undertaken with more care and planning. We want this animal to be around for a long times. Those who are in the market for a pet dog do research; they read books, they go on forums, they visit dog shows, talk to other owners and breeders in order to make a wise choice for their family situation.

Many realize it is wise to ask breeders about the longevity of the breed as well as the kennel’s individual lines.

Pet Grief Coach

The author, Judy Helm Wright, is available as a pet bereavement coach to help you or your child to process what this loss means to you. Please do not suffer alone when there are forums, groups and individual assistance of other pet lovers who want to support you in the loss of your beloved pet. Use the contact form above to schedule a free 20 minute session to see if you resonate with the assistance Judy offers to you.  She is an intuitive wise woman who loves unconditionally.  Please contact her today at [email protected]  with PET GRIEF COACH in the subject line.  You will be so glad you did.