Ways to Begin Healing

The Quickest And Least Painful Way To Begin Healing From the Loss of Your Pet

My pet cat and best friendThere is never just “one way” to heal from a traumatic blow to your life, but here are some suggestions that have worked for me and others I have counseled in grief workshops…

  • Don’t let others tell you how you should feel.
  • Don’t minimize your feelings to make others more comfortable.
  • Even if you feel like you need to be alone to grieve, don’t isolate yourself.
  • Write about your feelings, either in a journal or a poem.
  • Prepare a memorial and tribute for your friend.
  • Plant a flower or tree in memory of your pet.
  • Make a charitable donation in the name of your pet.
  • Compose a song about your pet.
  • Frame a photograph.
  • Volunteer your time at the local Humane Society.
  • Donate items to an animal shelter or neighbor in the name of your pet.

Discover The Secret Power Of Simple Stories To Heal Grief And Bring Peace To Your Suffering

Experiencing the loss of a pet companion may be the most difficult part of owning or being owned by an animal friend. This book will assist you in finding comfort if your beloved pet is either nearing death or has died.  The stories are gathered from pet owners and lovers just like you.

You will share their stories, poems, pictures and resources to help guide your journey into dealing with the loss of your pet.

  • Enjoy the Printable Prayer that was written and shared by Rev. Ann Keeler Evans  called Prayer on Losing Your Dog.
  • Read pet loss poems, quotes about losing a pet, as well as words to say in terms of pet condolence.
  • Find resources to order pet loss sympathy cards and gifts, or find support groups for others who are also going through the loss of a family pet.
  • Gain an understanding of alternative therapies for pets who are ill.
  • Discover others who will help you on the journey to recover from the grief you are experiencing.

The strength of the human/pet bond is evident when hurricanes and disaster floods happen and owners refuse to leave their pets behind to perish. This connection was made abundantly clear to me as I gathered and compiled the stories that were submitted for I Lost My Best Friend Today Dealing with the Loss of a Beloved Pet .

Never before have I seen such an outpouring of intimate thoughts, emotions and support for others in the same situation. I truly felt like I was on a journey to  peace  and acceptance as so many people, just like you and I shared their deepest emotions, struggles and ultimate triumph over this and other significant losses in their lives.

You, too, will feel a part of this community support as you read the amazing true stories and look at the photos that the contributors have given as a gift so that others may also heal.

Jessica Newell of Dallas Texas shared her emotions about Isabella:

Thank you for this outlet. I’m nearing the third anniversary of the death of my sweet girl Isabella, a black Chihuahua. She made a profound impact on my life, and I still miss her everyday.

In June 2005, I came home during my lunch break to discover a house fire in my Uptown Dallas townhome.  The fire fighters found Isabella’s nearly lifeless body in an upstairs bedroom.  After four painful wait-and-see days at the emergency vet, we accepted that her little lungs couldn’t fight any more.  We agreed  with the doctor’s recommendation to put Isabella to sleep.  Surrounded by my husband and my best friend, I cradled her in my arms, kissed her head and spoke softly to her while she drifted off to sleep.

The days that followed were some  of the most painful I’ve  ever known.  I’ve lost relatives and friends, yet somehow, losing Isabella was different.  I felt grief and sadness for sure, but I also felt guilt.  Guilt that I wasn’t able to better protect her, this small, sweet devoted little creature.  I sought solace in others’ favorite memories of Isabella.  I poured over every picture I ever snapped. And I looked for books that granted me permission to grieve “just a dog.”