Searching for the Perfect Words

Are You Searching For The Perfect Words To Say To A Friend Or Loved One Whose Animal Is Dying?

Poodle with favorite toyOne of the toughest communications for some people is to how to offer sympathy.  That is why so many people say nothing at all.  It is not that they are uncaring, rather they care so much that they don’t want to add to your pain or make you feel worse.

I was surprised at how many of the submissions I received talked about lack of support in the workplace.  Then I remembered 20 years ago when my brother JAllen was killed in a horrible industrial accident.

Working at a local weekly newspaper at the time, my boss was also a friend and the workplace had felt like extended family.  And yet, two weeks after the funeral, I was called in and told to “snap out of it.”

My boss actually looked me right in the eye and said; “Enough already!  How long are you going to grieve?  We have a paper to put out.”

I told him that I would probably grieve for the rest of my natural life and to check back with me in a few years when he had lost someone precious to him.

I have often wondered how he handled grief when it came to his journey of life.

My best to you and if you are sad today, please know that you are never alone.  I am sending you warm thoughts and prayers.