Book Review-“I Will See You In Heaven” Friar Jack Wintz

Book Review of "I Will See You In Heaven" by Friar Jack Wintz. This powerful little book was given to us at the death of our beloved pet.

As an author of "I Miss You- Do Pets Go To Heaven"  I get asked frequently, by both children and adults, about where our beloved pets go when they cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It gives me great comfort to be able to reassure them that, indeed, we will be reunited with our beloved pets again.

As a Franciscan friar for over fifty years, Jack Wintz has been deeply influenced by the stories of St.Francis of Assisi and his close relationship with animals.

 Friar Jack Wintz states;

" Some thirty years ago I came to the conclusion, which I've never abandoned, that St. Francis came to see that all creatures for one family of creation.

Maybe that conclusion is obvious to you, but for me this idea dawned quite gradually. The conviction has grown stronger and stronger, and this book has grown out of that conviction and explores the implications of it. What would it mean if all creatures were one family? How would it affect us? How would it change our understanding of God, and how we relate to God and to each other?"

You can find this book at most bookstores or order from Amazon. I am giving it five stars for beauty and message.

Good to connect with like-minded people.Thanks for being you. Judy Helm Wright–Author/Publisher & Intuitive Wise Woman

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