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Choosing and Caring for a New Cocker Spaniel

Feb 28, 2015 | Posted by in Cocker Spanials, New Pets | 0

Cocker Spaniels make excellent companions, but choosing and caring for a Cocker Spaniel requires a good sense of discernment, knowledge and responsibility. In this blog post we are going to share some ideas on how to choose your next best friend, the lovable Cocker Spaniel. We are assuming you are looking at the puppies beforeRead more …


Jan 2, 2011 | Posted by in Stories | 0

My family has felt the depths of such a loss when we lost our family pet, a Cocker Spaniel named Taffy. Taffy was a fence-jumping, chicken chasing, stinky breathed, fur scratching,  devoted member of our family. He held a special place in our heart because he had saved our two-year-old son Andy’s life when heRead more …